230+ Fantasy and Cool Zombies Names Ideas

In the spooky world of scary stories, where it’s hard to tell the difference between being alive and being dead, zombies are a unique bunch. These used to be regular people, but now they’re back from the dead, and they’ve fascinated us for a long time.

Now, let’s get into the creepy world of zombies, where coming up with a cool name for one is the main event. Come along as we discover how to create names for zombies that will give your audience the creeps. Ready? Let’s go!

Zombies Names

  1. Mortus – Derived from “mort” meaning death, suggesting a connection to death or mortality.
  2. Lethra – This name doesn’t have a specific meaning, but it has a mysterious and eerie sound.
  3. Gravewalker – Someone who walks among graves or the dead, often associated with a dark, undead character.
  4. Crypton – Likely derived from “crypt,” indicating a connection to underground tombs or secret places.
  5. Vileshambler – A sinister creature that moves in a disgusting or wicked manner, typically associated with the undead.
  6. Rotclaw – A name suggesting a creature with rotting or decaying claws, emphasizing its gruesome nature.
  7. Dreadmire – A place or entity that invokes fear and is associated with murky, dreadful swamps or marshes.
  8. Blightscar – A name implying a mark or wound caused by a blight or disease, often used for menacing characters.
  9. Cursedrawn – A being that has been afflicted or drawn into a curse, indicating misfortune or suffering.
  10. Gorefang – A creature with a penchant for violence and bloodshed, often featuring sharp fangs.
  11. Rottenheart – A character with a corrupted or decayed heart, symbolizing evil or malevolence.
  12. Palegeist – A ghostly entity with a pale, otherworldly appearance.
  13. Ghoulgrin – A ghoul with a sinister and twisted grin, indicating malevolence or maleficence.
  14. Corpsefury – A being driven by a furious, relentless force often associated with the undead.
  15. Wraithclad – Cloaked or covered in wraith-like, ethereal attire, suggesting a ghostly or spectral character.

Descriptive Traits: Incorporate physical or behavioral traits into the name, like “Rotclaw” or “Shambles.”

15 high rated zombie movies names:

  1. “Night of the Living Dead” (1968) – Directed by George A. Romero, this film is a classic that helped define the zombie genre.
  2. “Dawn of the Dead” (1978) – Another George A. Romero masterpiece, known for its social commentary as well as its zombie horror.
  3. “Shaun of the Dead” (2004) – A comedic take on the zombie apocalypse, directed by Edgar Wright and starring Simon Pegg.
  4. “28 Days Later” (2002) – Directed by Danny Boyle, this film introduced the concept of fast-moving zombies infected with a rage-inducing virus.
  5. “Zombieland” (2009) – A humorous and action-packed zombie movie starring Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson.
  6. “World War Z” (2013) – Brad Pitt stars in this adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel, featuring a global zombie pandemic.
  7. “Train to Busan” (2016) – A South Korean thriller that takes place on a train during a zombie outbreak.
  8. “The Walking Dead” (2010 – Present) – While not a movie, this TV series based on a comic book series has had a major impact on zombie pop culture.
  9. “REC” (2007) – A Spanish found footage horror film with a terrifying take on the zombie genre.
  10. “Dawn of the Dead” (2004) – A remake of the 1978 classic, directed by Zack Snyder.
  11. “Warm Bodies” (2013) – A romantic comedy with a twist, featuring a zombie who falls in love with a human.
  12. “Pontypool” (2008) – A unique and cerebral take on the zombie genre, set in a radio station during a zombie outbreak.
  13. “28 Weeks Later” (2007) – The sequel to “28 Days Later,” directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.
  14. “The Girl with All the Gifts” (2016) – A thought-provoking zombie film based on M.R. Carey’s novel.
  15. “Dead Snow” (2009) – A Norwegian horror-comedy that combines zombies with Nazi soldiers.
230+ Fantasy and Cool Zombies Names Ideas
230+ Fantasy and Cool Zombies Names Ideas

Wordplay: Play with words that evoke the undead nature, such as “Lurkthirst” or “Grimbiter.”

  1. Shadowfang
  2. Soulreaver
  3. Dreadclaw
  4. Rotwhisper
  5. Gravehowl
  6. Wraithstrike
  7. Plagueborne
  8. Abyssgaze
  9. Corpsewail
  10. Cursedshade
  11. Deathspire
  12. Nightmarechill
  13. Chaosmaw
  14. Doomshade
  15. Bloodthorn
  16. Ghosthowl
  17. Vilegrasp
  18. Venomclutch
  19. Necrosurge
  20. Hauntcraw

Alliteration: Create memorable names using alliteration, like “Rancid Roger” or “Moldy Molly.”

  1. Ashen Ghost
  2. Dark Void
  3. Pale Shadow
  4. Broken Jaw
  5. Ashy Surge
  6. Scary Claw
  7. Hidden Cry
  8. Chilling Evil
  9. Spooky Hand
  10. Whispering Corpse
  11. Deadly Hollow
  12. Rotting Cover
  13. Soul Scream
  14. Frosty Grave
  15. Dark Claw
  16. Shadowy Cry
  17. Creepy Lurk
  18. Plague Blink

Cultural References: Draw from famous zombie movies, books, or myths to create names like “Romero” or “Ghoul of the Nile.”

  1. Shadowdrain – This could suggest someone or something that saps or consumes shadows, perhaps a creature with a unique connection to darkness.
  2. Wailshade – This name could imply a ghostly figure that emits mournful cries or wails, possibly related to spirits or the afterlife.
  3. Doomrot – This name might evoke the idea of a being associated with decay, destruction, or ruin.
  4. Blightquake – This could represent a catastrophic event related to blight or disease, or a powerful entity capable of causing such destruction.
  5. Rendcurse – This might signify someone who specializes in breaking curses or tearing apart magical afflictions.
  6. Morbidgaze – This name could suggest a gaze that is unsettling or focused on morbid or macabre subjects.
  7. Vortexwretch – This might be associated with a figure connected to turbulent or swirling forces, possibly of a supernatural nature.
  8. Ashenmourn – This name could imply a character who mourns or grieves over ashen or desolate landscapes.
  9. Shiversmite – This might refer to a being capable of delivering shivers or chills, possibly associated with fear or the supernatural.
  10. Sallowgloom – This could describe a state of pale or sickly darkness, creating a sense of foreboding or unease.
  11. Cryptsplitter – This name suggests someone or something capable of opening or penetrating crypts or hidden places.
  12. Wightrend – This might imply a wight or undead entity on a quest or journey.
  13. Ghoulgrip – This name could suggest a ghoul with a strong, relentless hold or grasp, potentially symbolizing a tenacious pursuit.
  14. Abyssmangle – This might evoke the idea of a creature or force that mangles or distorts things within the abyss or darkness.
  15. Despairscream – This name could indicate a scream of despair or anguish, possibly associated with a tragic backstory.
  16. Dreadhowl – This might represent a terrifying or fear-inducing howl, often heard in moments of dread or danger.
  17. Voidravage – This name might imply a creature or force that ravages or consumes the void or emptiness.

Origin-Inspired: Craft names inspired by the origins of the zombies, like “Chernobyl Crawler” or “Amazonian Undeath.”

Character: Netherclad

  • Appearance: Netherclad is a tall and imposing figure, draped in flowing, shadowy robes that obscure their form. Their eyes, which appear as twin orbs of pale blue light, gleam with ancient wisdom.
  • Backstory: Netherclad is a guardian of the Netherrealm, a mystical plane that exists between the world of the living and the world of the dead. They were chosen by ancient spirits to watch over this delicate balance and ensure that malevolent entities from the Netherrealm do not encroach upon the realm of the living. Netherclad’s role is to maintain peace and protect the living from supernatural threats.
  • Abilities:
    1. Dimensional Travel: Netherclad possesses the ability to move seamlessly between the realms of the living and the Netherrealm, allowing them to track and confront otherworldly creatures.
    2. Spiritual Knowledge: Over centuries of existence, Netherclad has acquired vast knowledge about spirits, curses, and ancient rituals, making them an expert in dealing with paranormal phenomena.
    3. Ethereal Shield: Their robes provide them with a protective shield against dark forces and curses, allowing them to resist the corrupting influence of the Netherrealm.

Professions: Combine zombie traits with professions for a quirky touch, such as “Sewer Surgeon” or “Zombie Zealot.”

Funny Zombie Names

Here are similar names with playful and humorous connotations, along with their meanings:

  1. Wacky Wretch – A quirky and odd individual who may be a bit unpredictable or eccentric.
  2. Zany Zombert – A lively and unconventional zombie with a penchant for wacky antics.
  3. Chuckles Cadaver – A deceased character known for their frequent laughter, even in the afterlife.
  4. Giggles Goreface – A zombie or creature with a twisted sense of humor, often accompanied by unsettling giggles.
  5. Lurching Laughs – A group of animated beings that stumble and chuckle as they go about their undead existence.
  6. Zesty Zombaroo – A lively and energetic zombie known for its zest for unlife.
  7. Rotting Roars – A character whose laughter is as contagious as it is grotesque, filling the air with rotting, echoing chuckles.
  8. Jolly Jawbone – A skeletal or undead character with a jolly disposition, despite their bony appearance.
  9. Mirthful Mort – A mortal or undead character who finds humor in the darkest of situations.
  10. Bumbling Biter – A clumsy and comical creature that attempts to bite, but often misses the mark.
  11. Guffaw Gloom – A character who embodies both laughter and darkness, creating an eerie and unsettling atmosphere.
  12. Snickerdoodle – A playful and mischievous character known for their quick wit and snickering laughter.
  13. Wobbly Walker – An undead being that stumbles and wobbles as it moves, causing laughter and amusement.
  14. Hilarious Horde – A group or army of undead creatures that engage in humorous antics as they go about their unlife.
  15. Rattlebones Rascal – A skeletal character with a mischievous and roguish personality, often causing havoc with their rattling bones.
230+ Fantasy and Cool Zombies Names Ideas
230+ Fantasy and Cool Zombies Names Ideas

Noun Combinations: Mix nouns that reflect their appearance or actions, such as “Rustbones” or “Moanclaw.”

Here are some names that incorporate the second part “wail” to maintain a whimsical theme:

  1. Whimsy Wail
  2. Wailful Whisk
  3. Wailcaster
  4. Cheerful Wail
  5. Wailspinner
  6. Wailwind
  7. Wonderwail
  8. Wailwhisper
  9. Wailseeker
  10. Rainbow Wail
  11. Wailmancer
  12. Wailheart
  13. Wailbounce
  14. Wailorama
  15. Wailstorm
  16. Wailsprite
  17. Wailtide
  18. Wailjester
  19. Wailspark
  20. Wailorama

Adjective-Noun Pairing: Pair adjectives with nouns to describe their attributes, like “Decaying Devourer” or “Ravenous Revenant.”

Zombie Pet Names

  1. Rottenclaw
  2. Grimsnarl
  3. Wraithwhisker
  4. Shadowpaw
  5. Corpsefang
  6. Ghostlymuzzle
  7. Macabrewhisker
  8. Skeletalpounce
  9. Dreadsnout
  10. Spectralclaw
  11. Gloomypaw
  12. Bansheetail
  13. Bonefang
  14. Eerieclaw
  15. Hauntingwhisker
  16. Despairscuff
  17. Mourntail
  18. Spookywhisker
  19. Netherclaw
  20. Lurkingmuzzle
230+ Fantasy and Cool Zombies Names Ideas
230+ Fantasy and Cool Zombies Names Ideas

Names of Decay: Use names that imply decay, like “Molder Mort” or “Decrepit Dan.”

Realated Artical

How to Come Up with a Catchy and Unique Zombie Name?

To come up with a cool and unique name for a zombie, you need to be creative and consider the mood or vibe you want to create. Here are some tips to help you make an interesting zombie name.


Embrace the Dark Essence

Set the spooky mood by choosing words that capture the eerie, decaying, and supernatural essence. Combine terms like “rot,” “shade,” “ghoul,” and “bloom” to craft names that embody the spirit of the undead.

Wordplay Magic

Infuse a distinct flair into your zombie names by playing with words. Mix up unexpected terms or tweak familiar expressions to craft captivating combinations that set your names apart.

Cultural References

To make your zombie names more interesting, you can borrow ideas from myths, history, or stories. Use elements from various cultures to make the names meaningful and engaging.

Alliteration and Assonance

Using alliteration (repeating the same consonant sound) and assonance (repeating the same vowel sound) can enhance the memorability and musicality of a name. Try out these techniques to discover catchy combinations that resonate.

Blend Old and New

Combine old-fashioned and modern words to make a creepy mix. This approach can produce names that feel both ancient and up-to-date, giving your zombies a timeless quality.

Portmanteaus and Contractions

Merge two words or shorten longer ones to craft distinctive, concise names. This method often yields eye-catching and compact names for your zombies.

Visual and Auditory Appeal

Think about how the name appears when written and how it sounds when said out loud. Aim for a mix that’s both appealing to the eye and easy to remember.

Contextual Fit

Consider the function your zombie character will serve in your narrative. Whether they’re a formidable antagonist or a charming sidekick, tailor the name to align with the character’s personality and their role in the story. This will help create a more cohesive and engaging character.

Experiment and Revise

Naming is a journey of discovery. Feel free to explore various combinations, noting down potential names as they pop into your head. Afterwards, take the time to refine and revise until you discover the perfect fit.

Feedback and Collaboration

Don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts with friends, fellow writers, or online communities. Their input can bring new angles and ideas to the table.

In the fascinating realm of zombies, names have the ability to stir feelings, create an atmosphere, and leave a lasting mark. By blending elements of darkness, imagination, and a sprinkle of surprise, you can craft the ideal zombie name that will leave a lasting impression on your audience, ensuring that your undead characters are truly memorable.

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